Your Private Journey (1 to 1 teaching and coaching live or online)

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In this hour I will guide and help you on a 1 to 1 base with your mediumship development and personal journey. It is a very personal process and all areas of mediumship or personal development can be taught.


There are the following options:

Healing Journey (learn to be a channel for healing and selfhealing)

Trance Journey (learn about the altered states and trance)

Mediumship Journey (learn about mental mediumship, private sittings, demonstration techniques and more…)

Self realisation Journey (this is a concept to allow your souls expression to express itself in your own unique way and to have personal development and coaching as a part of this journey)

You have the following packages:

  • 1 private session (149 euros)
  • 3 private sessions (399 euros)
  • 5 private sessions (549 euros)
  • 8 private sessions (799 euros)

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your private session

1 private session, 3 private sessions, 5 private sessions, 8 private sessions


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