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About Nicole Janssen

Nicole is from the Netherlands and one of the leading international mediums of our time. She started working publicly in 2007 and is an approved tutor at the Arthur Findlay College since 2015. She works as a medium and healer and is most known for her work in the field of trance and physical mediumship. Nicole also helps people on their journey of Self-discovery as an ambassador for Spirit. She has a background in social work, psychology, naturopathy and kinesiology and her mediumship development unfolded in a natural way.

Nicole is a mum of 3 adoptive children and the life partner of Bianca. Nicole offers an international program on mediumship, healing and personal development in the Netherlands since 2009. Nicole works worldwide to share her teachings and passion in mediumship and healing. She beliefs that personal development is a vital part of the development of mediumistic and psychic gifts. Therefore she implements psychology as a part of people’s development in all aspects of mediumship. Nicole contributed to the Netflix series “Surviving Death” with her trance and physical mediumship and she is one of the very few physical mediums in the world.

About Bianca Schreuder

Bianca is originally from South Africa but lives in the Netherlands for many years now. Her mediumship development started in 2006. She did many years of international training in mediumship and healing and now works as a medium and healer. Bianca plays a vital part in the organization of the international program of Phoenix World.

Bianca has a son and daughter and is the life partner of Nicole. She has a background in care and is specialized in working with people with autism. She works as a coach and helps parents with HSP children but also adults with HSP. She is an expert by personal experience in HSP and autism.

Bianca is involved in the retreats that Phoenix World offers in South Africa. She wants to share her love for this country and its beauty and healing powers. 

The process of Self Realisation begins by remembering who you truly are


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