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A retreat is an age-old form to withdraw from the hectic pace of everyday life and to make room for essence. To take care of who you are and what you want in life. Both on a personal and professional level.

In earlier times, retreats were mainly set in the light of religious and spiritual research. In the West there were the monasteries and in the East the ashrams with both their daily rhythms and atmosphere encouraging reflection. With room for in-depth conversations and above all: Time. Time for the essence of life, time to reflect and to connect.

A retreat today can be a welcome respite to seek out that essence, to connect to oneself and to that power called life, our own Spirit within. The present time is a fast time in which we as human beings ask a lot of ourselves. A retreat offers that space and time. We all need time to take a step back, relax, meditate and see ourselves more clearly. A spiritual retreat allows us to hit pause and find time to connect to ourselves and our Spirit within to bring us more peace in our day to day lives.

Phoenix World offers retreats in South Africa and Europe. There will always be a combination with elements of personal development, (self) healing, meditation and all that the culture where the retreat is held has to offer. A life changing opportunity to nurture the Soul, relax, grow, heal and enjoy the essence of life itself.

Soul Safari

23 Feb – 3 March 2025

Organisers: Nicole Janssen and Bianca Schreuder


Spiritual 9-day Retreat South Africa. A magical and life-changing experience!

Feel and experience the magic and beauty of South Africa and come closer to yourself.
Come along and give yourself time for you. De-stress, relax and let this experience make you feel and experience who you are as a unique person. Life is beautiful and can only get better. After this journey you will return home reborn with wonderful insights, personal and spiritual growth and unforgettable experiences.

There is time for yourself during this retreat, time for everything, time for your Soul. Nicole will guide you on this journey on your personal and spiritual path and help you to get closer to yourself (again). Bianca will guide you on all activities with local guides. This is much more and goes much further than just another retreat in South Africa. A good balance has been created between time for yourself and rest in a paradisiacal place in the middle of nature, wonderful development moments on a personal and spiritual level and great excursions.

We stay in the beautiful area of Bela Bela about 1 1/2 hours from Johannesburg. Here you are One with nature and away from all hectic and bustle. You stay in a cottage with a shared bathroom and you can choose between a single or double room. From the moment you walk in you feel the hospitality and everything is taken care of. All you have to do is enjoy! You will be greeted daily by the beautiful animals including giraffes and zebra that roam freely on the property.

Nicole has been working as a teacher in the field of personal and intuitive development, mediumship, healing and trance for many years. She works nationally and internationally as a teacher and medium.

She has a background in psychology and social work and will also carefully guide your unique process.

Information about other events and retreats in South Africa will be shared the in the near future!

The process of Self Realisation begins by remembering who you truly are


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