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Nicole is one of the very few physical mediums in the world and is developing a beautiful and rare form of physical mediumship. She also works as a deep trance medium. Trance and physical mediumship takes many years of development and there are no other forms of mediumship that bring you closer in touch with the Spirit World.

Phoenix World offers Trance and Healing Gatherings as well as seances of Physical Mediumship. You can book one of these rare and beautiful forms of mediumship here. 

Please visit the Phoenix Circle page if you wish to learn more about physical mediumship and the Home Circle.

Trance Gathering

Healing Gathering

with the Spirit Doctor

17 May, 30 Aug, 15 Nov 2024


Nicole Janssen

Words of Wisdom, Trance Gathering

 5 July, 6 Sep, 20 Dec 2024



Nicole Janssen

Séance of Physical Mediumship

20, 22, 27 September 2024



David Thompson

Healing Gathering

Healing Gathering with dr. Heinz

Nicole offers special healing gatherings with Dr. Heinz and his team. Dr. Heinz is her spirit doctor and already helpend many people in this world in amazing ways. These gatherings are like no other where Nicole works in a deep trance state. Dr. Heinz will help those in need on whatever level needed. Limited spaces on each evening 

Location: Hengelosestraat 99, Enschede or via Zoom


 Reservations: Mail us.



Nicole Janssen


Physical mediumship is the process whereby a loved one in Spirit or a Spirit Guide is able to physically manifest within our world, within our vibration by using the capability of the medium. In mental mediumship the recipient is dependent upon the power, quality and the ability of the medium whilst the evidence remains subjective. In physical mediumship, everyone present in the room will hear, feel or see the same physical phenomena at same time. Also the atmosphere in a séance room is emotionally charged. An objective experience like this, in combination with experiencing that love being shared from the Spirit World, makes it an experience that can be life changing. Some examples of physical mediumship are: Direct voice, materialization, apports and levitation.

Nicole works with David Thompson for many years now. David also comes to Holland at times to work with Nicole and to do seances of materialization mediumship. He is the best and one of the very few in the world demonstrating this rare form of mediumship at the moment.

The seances with David in 2024 are fully booked. But you can sent an email if you wish to be on the list for his next visit to make sure that you don’t miss the next opportunity to witness and experience this rare form of mediumship.

Phoenix Circle

The Phoenix Circle

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