The voice of the Mind is the servant of the Soul always questioning what the soul in silence already knows


The voice of the Mind is the servant of the Soul always questioning what the soul in silence already knows



Phoenix World emphasizes a lot on personal development and psychology as a vital part of your journey in mediumship and healing. We may gain intellectual understanding but that is not all in life. If we truly want to understand life, then we have to understand ourselves, our Souls purpose.

The journey of Self Realisation begins by remembering who you truly are. It encourages us to find that alignment in life, to experience who we really are instead of thinking to know who we are. We are a living and breathing expression of the Divine. You are bringing your potential into being as an experience. We believe that personal development is paramount in your mediumship development and defines eventually the quality of your mediumship.

Phoenix World offers numerous opportunities to develop personally and spiritually. Below you can see the different options. If you want to read more about the content, you can click on the button. There you can immediately read which language is spoken during the workshops and courses and find all the necessary information.

Phoenix World offers courses in English, Dutch and German.

Different aspects of Mediumship

Watch this video where Nicole explains all the different aspects of mediumship.

About us

Nicole is from the Netherlands and one of the leading international all-round mediums of our time. She started working publicly in 2007 and is an approved tutor at the Arthur Findlay College since 2015. She works as a medium and healer and is most known for her work in the field of trance and physical mediumship and participated in the Netflix series ” Surviving Death”. Nicole also helps people on their journey of Self-discovery as an ambassador for Spirit. She has a background in social work, psychology, naturopathy and kinesiology and her mediumship development unfolded in a natural way.

Bianca is originally from South Africa but lives in the Netherlands for many years now. Her mediumship development started in 2006. She did many years of international training in mediumship and healing and now works as a medium and healer. Bianca also plays a vital part in the organization of the international program of Phoenix World.

About Phoenix World

Phoenix World offers an international program with a wide variety to develop your mediumship and healing as well as to gain spiritual growth and personal development. The Phoenix symbolizes renewal, rebirth and growth. Associated with the sun, a Phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes. Phoenix World embraces the concept of communion, participation, sharing, learning and creating a place for people with an interest in what we have to offer.

Mediums are ordinary people who, by developing their unique and natural ability, are able to communicate with and/or to receive inspiration from the World of Spirit. Everyone is capable of having an experience with the Spirit World. Mediumship will help you to find your Souls expression and to get a better understanding of oneself as a unique individual and ambassador for Spirit. We are all unique and we all have something wonderful to offer to this world and the World of Spirit.

Phoenix World is accredited as an educational centre by CRKBO in the Netherlands.

When we reach out a hand in trust, a bridge of love can be built


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