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Nicole already offered this program in 2016 and in 2024/2025 it will be offered again in a new guise. Don’t miss this opportunity!

You don’t learn mediumship in a few years, it takes a lifetime. In the few years you have already done, you have built a solid foundation for practicing and integrating your mediumship. Perhaps you have already taken the step after intensive training to profile yourself as a medium and you are already actively working with people in that way. For many, however, it takes more than a few years of training to take that step properly. In addition, many of you want to combine mediumship with your current work as a therapist, coach or healer in any form.

This unique mentorship program is not an intensive training as you may know it, but gives you the opportunity to further expand and establish your mediumship with a certain freedom to follow your own natural path in your development. Mediumship is reserved full-time for few and you should not strive for it. It is important that you can give something to this world with your qualities and build a bridge between this world and the spirit world that is clear, no-nonsense and pure. Whether that’s 2 hours a week or 20 hours, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that what you give from your mediumship, you give with love and joy, because what you give, you get back.

The number of students in the online group that starts this year will be very limited and I have set a number of conditions. Take a look and feel good for yourself if you think you are ready for that. This year will give you even more foundation, but also help you to integrate your mediumship in your own way in your current practice or other activities, as well as to professionalize your mediumship more.

In this unique mentorship program, the focus is on further profiling yourself as a medium, establishing a good and healthy balance in all facets of your life that include mediumship, deepening and training your mediumship by actively working on this within and outside the program. The PLUS mentorship program will give you a better insight into what you can do for the Spirit world, you will learn more about your sensitivity and who YOU ​​are as a medium and how you can live this!

PLUS  mentorship program conditions:

  • At least 3 years of active intensive training in the field of mediumship
  • You participate in frequent exercise groups and/or you give (practice) consultations or you are about to start doing so
  • The wish to further profile yourself as a medium in society or to combine this with your work as a coach or therapist and to create something unique in it
  • Dare to look honestly at your possibilities and deployable qualities
  • You feel that mediumship and the spirit world have become a major part of your life
  • You are willing to cooperate and share
  • You have your own input and are open to a form of teaching in which supervision is an important ingredient
  • You are willing to plan a number of intervision moments with fellow students
  • You are open to possible recordings that are used in the supervision meetings

The PLUS mentorship program has no end, because you decide that yourself. If you need to continue to receive guidance on certain aspects of your development, you can decide to continue after this program. After all, development takes a lifetime. If you feel that you can continue on your own, you are free to make that choice.

The PLUS mentorship program has the following structure in the 9 months in which you start:

  • 3 classes (freshening up/deepening) from 6-9 pm CET time, with the following subjects: Private sittings, demonstrating mediumship and speaking.

Dates: November 24th 2024, January 19th 2025 and April 13th 2025.

Time: 6 pm – 9 pm Amsterdam time.

2) 3 supervision meetings of 1 1/2 hours online. During these moments, subjects such as     ethics, psychology and practice are also discussed.

Dates: February 1st, April 19th and June 24th.

Time: 7 pm – 8.30 pm Amsterdam time.

  • 2 30-minute intervision moments 1 to 1 with Nicole Janssen

(to be scheduled in January and May)

  • If demonstration mediumship suits you and that is your ambition, then you organize a demonstration online, alone or with 1 or 2 other mediums from the group. This date is set well in advance so that I can be there too. This is NOT a must in the program, but only for those who want to take this part of their mediumship further.
  • You do 2 private sittings on which I give you constructive feedback. This will be done online and scheduled individually.

4 Theme Sessions ( 6.30-9.00 pm CET time):

1) Mediumship: The healthy way: (5th of January 2025)

This day is all about personal development and your health because without development of Self there can be no growth in your mediumship or a good balance.

2) Enhance your Teaching Skills: (2nd of February 2025)

Perhaps you feel the need to guide a circle or practice group or you already do. Here you will be taught techniques and experience different ways.  You will prepare a lesson that you will present.

3) Relationship to the Client and Presentation: (18th of May 2025)

This is a day where we discuss type of clients, how you present yourself, ethics and discuss case studies. You can also bring in your own case studies on this day.

 5) The Pioneers from the Past en Future: (15th of June 2025)

During this day we dive into the history of mediumship, do a presentation and look at the future of mediumship and how you can be a pioneer in your own way.

What does it offer to you?

  • 1 to 1 sessions with me and a lot of personal guidance
  • Closed FB group to share and connect with others.
  • What’s app group for questions and consultation
  • If you decide to continue participating in the PLUS mentorship program after this year, you can register for partial activities such as a specific theme meeting, lesson or supervision group that you feel is a good addition. Then we will look together at what is possible and after this year you will only pay a fixed daily rate for those sub-activities.
  • You will receive a certificate at the end of the year if you have completed the whole mentorship program.

Costs: 1595 euros

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