Colours of Eternity

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Colours of Eternity (13-16th of December 2024)

Tutors: Mia Ottoson and Nicole Janssen

This specialized course on colour is not only for those with an interest in using colour in mediumship and healing but also for those who wish to develop (further) their ability in psychic art in different ways under the watchful eye of Mia. We have a great team with a wealth of experience in working within the world of colour.

Our world is a party of colour and all cultures are influenced by colour. In nature we see colours and we as human beings absorb the complete colour spectrum. Colours work deeply within, on every level. The colours that we become aware of within a person’s aura are a sign of the particular qualities that are present within an individual’s soul.

Colours can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways. How exciting to experience and explore the possibilities of these living colours in different aspects of mediumship. We look at different ways in which colour can be used during the mediumistic communication and healing to add a depth and a new perspective to the communications with the Spirit World.

The Spirit World is a world of colour beyond our perception. And they love working with colour as one colour can give us so much information to work with as a medium. For those who wish to work with their creative aspect in mediumship we will create many opportunities to experiment, explore and deepen that aspect of mediumship.

In this course we will experiment and practice with colour in different ways with each other and the Spirit World to give ourselves the opportunity to experience new ways of working with colour. It will help you to move forward in your mediumship, but also to become more aware of and to appreciate yourself as an ever-evolving human being, expressing the living colours in this world in your own unique way. Come and join us on this wonderful course of discovery of colour. Discover what they have to offer to you and allow those eternal colours to tell you the story of the power of life itself.

Location: Monestary Denekamp

Costs: Double room 560 euros, single room 670 euros and no room 450 euros (lunch and diner included then).

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Colours of Eternity

Single room, Double room, No room


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