Fundamentals of Parapsychology: Science and the Paranormal

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Tutors: Martin Colclough and Nicole Janssen

After the success of the past years with courses in paranormal investigation, Nicole decided to bring this new course in 2024 with a colleague with a lot of experience in this field.

Explore the mysteries of life in this course that not only gives you the opportunity to explore and experience paranormal phenomena but also examines the science behind the paranormal. Have you ever had a paranormal experience? Are you interested in phenomena such as telepathy, psychometry, psychokinesis, clairvoyance, electronic voice phenomena, spirit photography and much more.

Join Nicole and Martin on this course where we cover parapsychological concepts, psychic and spiritual phenomena, how we can experience and capture imprints of energy of a place and how to understand the difference between these phenomena and being in touch with the Spirit World. We experience this not only by using our own mediumship but by using technical devices, so you can bring your voice recorder camera or device with you. We will stay at one of the most beautiful places in the Netherlands with a lot of history to investigate in the field of the paranormal.

It is a fascinating course, whether you are working professionally or still developing your mediumship and also have an interest in parapsychology. Nicole would like to invite you to this wonderful course of exploration and investigation! Feel welcome!

Location: Monestary Denekamp

Dates: 22-25th of November 2024

Accomodation is based on single or double ensuite room. Double room 560 euros, single room 670, no room 450 euros. It is also possible to book the course without a room. Lunch and diner are included in that case.

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Fundamentals of Parapsychology: Science and the Paranormal

Single room, Double room, No room


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