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Bianca is a working medium and healer and you can book a private sitting with her. She can do them live or online in Dutch or English.
During a private sitting, as a medium, Bianca makes contact with loved ones who passed to the Spirit World: these could be family members, friends or acquaintances. Although they can no longer be physically seen, they would still like you to know that they are close. They also want to help you in your life. As a medium she receives information about their relationship with you, their character, specific objects from that person, details from their lives and of particular memories. It is also possible to have a look at your own energy / aura and see what may be going on in your life at that moment and what your qualities are, or a combination of both. At last it is also possible to have a spiritual assessment. Bianca will then have a look at your spiritual development, potential and possibilities. Please send a email to for an appointment.
Costs: 40 euros for 30 minutes.
Location: Hengelosestraat 99, Enschede or via Zoom


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