The Healing Powers of Mediumship

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Tutors: Libby Clark and Nicole Janssen.

In celebration of the healing powers of Mediumship and the start of the magical summer time, Nicole brings to you a wonderful course of exploring and developing the connection with Spirit in the field of Healing and Mediumship. This unique course is about YOU as an ever-evolving human being. We will look at the best way for you to link to the Spirit World for the purpose healing in all areas of mediumship. As a healer, medium and ambassador for Spirit you have a lot of responsibility in what you do, what you are, and what you give to this world and to the world of Spirit. You work as a valuable vehicle for that power and it is important to know and to come closer to your Self and to create a more connected life that is true to you!

During this course Nicole and Libby will give you a lot of insight, practice and experience, but we will also sit for that power. Practice in spiritual and trance healing, mediumship and psychic development will be combined with personal development and Self-healing in your work with and for the Spirit World. There will be two groups with a focus on healing and mediumship. Nicole and Libby will share with you their knowledge, understanding and experience in these fields with demonstrations and experimental work.

You have a power that knows the way and if we awaken to that power within, your work as an ambassador for the unseen world will be illuminated. Only when the soul is touched, true healing takes place. Please join us on this wonderful course in one of the most beautiful places in the Netherlands and experience the incredible energy, the infinite healing powers and possibilities in closeness and oneness with the Spirit World. Feel welcome!

This course is held at the beautiful monestary in Denekamp. All meals, coffee, tea and nights in an single and double ensuite room are included. It is also possible to book the course without a room. In that case coffee, tea, lunch and diner is included.

 Location: Monestary Denekamp

Costs: 560 euros double room, 670 single room, 450 no room.

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The Healing Powers of Mediumship

Single room, Double room, No room


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