Healing session with Bianca Schreuder


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Healing mediumship is a form of healing whereby energy from the Spirit World is being used and transmitted through the mediumship of the healer to the client. This is possible when Bianca as a healer puts her hands on your shoulders, at a distant (the Spirit World is not dependent on time and place) or when she goes into a (light) altered state and there is no need to touch you in the same room.

Healing is a passive form of mediumship. Bianca, as the healer will connect to you and blends with the Spirit World so that she can be a passive channel for the healingenergy. Healing works on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. If you feel you need healing, please contact us.

Location: Hengelosestraat 99, Enschede or via Zoom.

Costs: 40 euros for 30 minutes

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Healing session with Bianca Schreuder

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